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The one tool that you need to hold your conference remotely

Many businesses are now working from home, with many people around the UK having completed a whole week from a work station in their living room, kitchen or bedroom!

The MGB team are busy holding the fort for our clients, providing them with a clear strategy during these times of uncertainty. This week, we held a team presentation that allowed us all to view and engage with the presentation in real-time. And Mentimeter may be the tool that your remote-working business needs too. Using online tools to collaborate and engage coworkers no matter where they are located is a great way to keep productivity high whilst away from the office.

What is Mentimeter?

Often, presentations, lectures and business meetings are very one-sided in terms of communication. Mentimeter allows you to create interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor. You have the ability to add questions, polls, quizzes, slides and images, and your audience can react with answers, comments and ratings. You can choose to show the results to your audience or keep the results private

Mentimeter makes for an overall fun presentation experience, where opinions and ideas get heard.

How does Mentimeter work?

Once you have created your presentation, you will generate a code. Your audience/team can then visit the website link ‘’ and simply enter a 6-digit code that you provide them with. Your audience can view the presentation live time, so everyone is listening along at the same time, or you can allow your audience to view the presentation in their own time.

It’s great that there’s no hassle with downloading apps or creating accounts.

How much does Mentimeter cost?

You can get a free package which offers unlimited audiences and unlimited presentations. Here at MGB, we decided to opt for the basic package which allows us to get feedback from the team and analyse the results. This costs £8.99 per month when billed annually.

MGB Communications Presenting

What are the features of Mentimeter?

If you opt for a paid account, you can add branding such as your logo and company colours. The word cloud feature is also a great idea to get your team thinking and getting a range of feedback and answers. You can also include open-ended questions so your team can reply back with comments, feedback or questions of their own – choose wisely if you’re thinking of doing this, your team could show you up!

If you have any further questions on Mentimeter or other tools that may be useful for your business whilst you and your team are working remotely, please feel free to get in touch. The MGB team are on hand to offer advice to businesses who need it during these uncertain times. You can call Natasha on 07590834587 or email us via

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