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How to support local businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak without spending a single penny

Uncertain times lie ahead for many businesses in every industry. Local businesses need your support now, more than ever before. And there are a few ways that you can continue to support businesses without putting yourself at risk, or out of pocket.

We’ve put together a few tips to help us all support local businesses like shops, restaurants, salons, and more. You could also apply some of these to charities, care homes and hospitals too, who are under extreme pressure right now and need support more than ever before.

  • Leave a review

If you’ve visited a business recently, did you leave them a review? Now is a great time to leave a review for a business which will assist them when they get back on their feet. It will also be a great boost for the team behind that business to read something positive during times of worry.

Many restaurants, hotels, parks and activities rely on TripAdvisor reviews. Just head to the website and create an account, which takes only a couple of minutes. If you have children that are home from school, why not ask them where they have liked visiting recently and write the review together?

Other businesses might use review websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo, or they may collect feedback on their social media pages.

  • Hit the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button

Many businesses within the hospitality sector have now followed Government advice and closed until further notice. However, all businesses will still have social media pages and you can stay up to date with a re-opening date when they are able to open again in the future.

Increasing their page following will allow them to reach more people at a later date and may help to boost morale and support during this difficult time.

  • Like, comment and share posts

If a business has put a statement out to announce a temporary closure or a new way of running their business, give their post a quick like or comment. The more engagements that a social media post gets, the more people who will see the post. This will give businesses a greater opportunity to bounce back once our lives return to more ‘normal’ circumstances.

By sharing posts, you can help a business to reach a wider audience who may be interested in their products or service. You could share the posts onto your own timeline or share posts into a Facebook group for the community.

  • Tell your friends

If you got great customer service dealing with a company or you saw a story about a business doing heroic things during these difficult times, let your friends and family know! It’s a great positive conversation topic and will help a business to be recognised by more people.

You could also host a live video on Facebook or Instagram. Many celebrities are now holding live videos for people who are self-isolating at home for entertainment and to provide company to people who may be alone. Why not review your top 3 favourite local restaurants? You could even do a tutorial on makeup, interior design or crafts with items that you’ve bought at a local store.

  • Sign up to a mailing list

Many businesses offer a sign-up option on their website and they will send offers, discounts, freebies and news to your email. This will give a business the opportunity to notify you of any updates or news about re-opening or online orders.

Businesses are legally obliged to offer an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the end of their Marketing emails, so you can always unsubscribe at a later date.

Get in touch if you are a local business looking for advice on how to create an online presence with social media, review platforms or a website during this time. The team at MGB are nestled away working safely and remotely but can assist with creating a successful business strategy during these unprecedented times. Email us via or call Managing Director, Natasha, on 07590834587.

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