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Business Marketing in 2020

Here at MGB we’re big on small businesses and on recognising the massive role they play in the Welsh economy. Figures from Welsh Government show that SMEs make up 62% of employment in Wales and 40% of turnover. The majority of our clients are SMEs who face the day-to-day challenge of staying competitive in a fast changing world. So what should your marketing strategy look like in 2020? Here are our top tips for keeping it current.

  • Get involved in the local community

Community involvement is something that the Welsh do well. In our modern world of social media marketing, getting stuck in with local events is a great way of engaging directly with customers. There are so many low-cost ways you can do this, for example, through loyalty cards, working with clubs and charities, or offering special promotions. And engaging with your customers through social, text and email helps to build lasting and fruitful relationships. 

  • Check your digital footprint

Making sure your customers can find you online and get a good first impression is vital. So it’s worth googling to see how your business appears online, both on mobile and desktop – and check out the competition too – and then invest time in making sure your website Is visible and appealing to your target customers. Are all references to your business online up-to-date with accurate contact information? And are your social channels current and engaging?

  • Think about paid social advertising

While many Welsh businesses do well on social media – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In – many don’t think to run any paid social media advertising. Spend on social media advertising is growing fast year on year as reaching customers through organic posts becomes harder. Yet paid advertising can be a low cost and effective way to target hyperlocally. So, for example, if your ideal customer is a 50 year old female, who loves golf and lives in a 20 mile radius- Facebook allows you to target them directly.

  • Plan, plan, plan

A Chinese proverb which we love in the office is, ‘planning is the prelude to any successful action’. Given that media channels continue to multiply, making sure that your marketing plan is integrated across all relevant platforms where your customers hang out is absolutely vital if you want to reach, engage and convert. There are some great free tools out there to help you monitor the success of your activities and constantly tweak and improve. After all, what we all want is the maximum bang for our marketing buck – and that needs careful planning.

Here at MGB we are wishing all Welsh SMEs a very successful marketing year!

And if you need help, you know where we are…

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