It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.
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Business Lockdown – Make The Days Count

The phrase ‘Champions are made off-season’ has never been more apt, for businesses looking to safeguard their future during these unprecedented times.

The ongoing Coronavirus crisis is biting down on businesses of all types, across the country, and, of course, some of these firms, sadly,  may not come out the other side. However, all businesses are working hard to weather this storm, and the most successful of these are likely be the ones that use this time to regroup, remodel or refresh their business, and to step up their meaningful conversations with their customers and clients.

Now is most definitely not the time to retreat into isolation and to hunker down to simply ride this out. It may be the case that yours is one of the many businesses that has been forced to close its doors – but it is vital that you see this, and present this to your clients as a temporary measure. This really is a momentous chance for businesses to really start conversations, stand out, attract attention and gain a new audience. Here are some tips to ensure you use this lockdown time savvily:

  • A large proportion of your customers, potential customers and supply chain are online, either working from home, or going through a period of furlough, and perhaps, often, at a loose end. So, talk to them. Create a sparky, engaging social media plan, so you can keep telling your story and the story of your brand. Now is not the time to ‘go dark’. If you can build those online relationships now, customers are more likely to stick with you once life returns to normal.
  • Look at your PR and marketing strategy. How does it support your business development plan and your business goals? Again, once the post-lockdown landscape emerges, it will be more important than ever that current customers know you are still here and you are still ambitious for the future. Your PR and marketing plan will help you get these messages out there in a targeted way.
  • Analyse your website with a critical eye. Is the customer journey simple and pleasing? Does your online tone of voice tally with that of your brand? Could your website benefit from a refresh? Now is the time to get this done.
  • Consider how PR and marketing can coordinate seamlessly with your business development plans. These two areas should be working in tandem to achieve the overall goals and targets of your business, now is perhaps the time to review this.

These are, undoubtedly, testing times for business. But there is light ahead. And there will be fresh opportunities too. Be prepared to spot them and make the most of them.

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