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Awards: Why They Matter

Entering regional and industry-led awards that recognise excellence, innovation, and best practice, should be a key element of your business’s communication strategy. Nominations and wins improve consumer trust in products and/or services, increase visibility and recognition for businesses, and help motivate and retain employees. 

Award nominations and wins serve as a strong indicator of trustworthiness among potential customers and help build brand loyalty; customers prefer to keep with businesses that are perceived to be doing well as they feel confident in their credibility. An award win certifies a business’s place in the industry, especially if the award has been judged by industry-leaders and experts in that field, allowing for stronger positioning against competitors.

They also reinforce the value a business brings to its profession and sector. Increased customer awareness and recognition will likely result from winning an award, thanks to the publicity gained prior, during, and after the ceremony; think about logo visibility, photos from the event, and press covering the ceremony, winners, and highly commended. This publicity will be both online and offline, reaching many new potential customers.

Additionally, recognition at an awards ceremony can boost morale for employees and give them a focus for their purpose at work. Understanding their contribution towards winning an award can provide great motivation to continue to perform at a higher standard, and the buzz created from an award win can lead to an increase in confidence and engagement knowing that their hard work is recognised. Everyone wants to feel proud of the organisation they’re a part of.

Our Recent Award Wins

At MGB we know your brand is exceptional. We put our clients on a pedestal – or a podium – by crafting head-turning award entries that win you accolades in all the right places. Whatever your size or sector, we can help you find, enter and win the awards you deserve.

Recently, we have helped a number of clients win prestigious awards in their respective industries:

  • Self-storage client Storage Giant have just won their third award of 2019, recognised as the Best Domestic Storage Provider 2019 South Wales, in the Build Real Estate and Property Awards.They were previously nominated and won two awards from The Acquisition International Business Awards. 
  • JCP Solicitors won big at the Swansea Bay Women in Business Awards, taking home Professional Woman of The Year and Influential Woman of The Decade.
  • CPR Global Technology won the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, and have just been shortlisted for this year’s award. In addition to being recognised alongside other leading exporters in the UK, the team were invited to Buckingham Palace to receive their award and recently met HRH Prince Charles when he visited Swansea to celebrate its 50thanniversary as a city.

Writing award entries is just one of many important services we offer; find out more information about how we can help you and your business here.

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